M 4305 Sylabus and M 3225 Sylabus . Most course material will be on T-square.

This dude lectured at the University of Arkansas (it was about Futurama)

and I can tell from that alone that he is completely worthless at interacting

with human beings at all. He also ruined all new Futurama episodes for me.

It was the WORST lecture I've ever attended. Literally laughably horrible.

----from ratemyprofessor

i dont know, i hated working in groups, its not why i choose math to be my major. Up to this point i have never had to work in a group for math, just open that book, read the section do the practice problems. not like CS, were group work was needed, programing is hard and group is certainly needed for that. Not math, math is a solo subject, we dont like group work, no one likes math group work. "I love working in groups for my math class," -said no one EVER.

"Lacey should definitely take on rapping as a secondary profession

and record albums such as, 'Fourier beats: Chillin' in da R n',

'My Integral Homies', and 'What up? Limsup!' "

---Anonymous Student, Math 4317, Spring 2006.

I would like to thank you for the help, guidance, and motivation you've given me, and for the recommendations you have written on my behalf. I have much to be thankful for, and I could not have gotten this award without you.

---From a 2012 NSF Graduate Fellow.

"He must be really mean to his kids."

----Overheard by my daughter, Calc 1, Fall 2006. (I am not making this up!)

"I remember you telling us after our first test that we will do better in our other classes because of the level at which we will be working in your class- and it's true! I've learned to think on an entirely different level, and I feel more prepared and confident about Calculus 2, as well as my other classes than most of my peers from other classes do."

---Anonymous Student, Calc 1, Fall 2006.